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MILLENNIUM™ Picture Window & Specialty Shaped Windows

Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ Picture windows feature wide expanses of glass for light-filled rooms and a panoramic view of the outdoors—creating the perfect environment for you to relax at home. Because they are inoperable, picture windows are the most effective products available for preventing air infiltration and making your home highly energy efficient.

Acri Windows offers several picture window models— choice of frame finishes, energy-efficient MILLENNIUM™ glass systems, and other options are designed to allow you to enhance the benefits you receive from your new windows. The choices you make can further reduce your home energy costs, increase your home’s security or give your home a unique look and greater curb appeal.

Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ Picture Windows feature a sleek, low-profile frame design that’s ideal for homeowners who appreciate uninterrupted sightlines and expansive views. Picture windows allow large amounts of light to enter your home—yet effectively insulate against the elements and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Other benefits include lower home energy costs, greater safety and security, and a clean, fresh new look for your home.

Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ Picture Windows are likely the most airtight window you’ll find because the glass is sealed directly to the window frame. Heavy-duty frame construction, PPG’s Intercept spacer system and precision engineering make these windows even more energy efficient. Acri Windows Picture Windows that incorporate Acri Windows’s high-performance MILLENNIUM™ glass system achieve whole-window U-values as low as 0.17.

Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ Picture Windows provide a clear, open view with an extra element of safety and security for homeowners concerned with intrusion because these windows cannot be opened. In addition to deterring intrusion, “fixed” windows such as these help keep small children safely inside. For even greater security, select Acri Windows’s Weather Stopper™ Impact Resistant option.

Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ Specialty-Shaped products allow you to truly custom design your windows to meet your unique needs and personal preferences. You can choose from window styles that change your home’s architectural look, designs that create dramatic accents or focal points while introducing more light into your home, or designs that complement your entrance way—even around your patio doors.

Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ Specialty-Shaped Windows feature heavy-duty, fused frames and automotive-type glazing. They’re engineered for long-lasting durability, superb energy efficiency and excellent security.

Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ Specialty-Shaped Replacement Windows help you realize your unique design ideas! You can choose from a myriad of specialty window styles, colors, glass options and grid patterns to customize your windows with a truly exquisite look. Your home—with its elegant, traditional, modern or contemporary look—will become the highlight of the neighborhood.

Specialty-shaped styles include Half Round, Quarter Round, Eyebrow, Half Eyebrow, Cathedral, Hexagon, Octagon, Oval, Ellipse, Full Circle, Triangle, Trapezoid and Pentagon. Just imagine the possibilities!

Whether your goal is to add personality with geometric windows or to build in beautiful functionality, you can count on this special collection of products. You'll enjoy the widest, most affordable selection in the industry — and the thermal efficiency and value that only Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ vinyl windows and doors can deliver.

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