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"I want to tell you how wonderful my new windows are. Not only are they beautiful, but they are functional as well,. They have been a blessing during this cold snap. My house has stayed warm with my furnace working at minimal capacity. Even with the temperatures around 18 degrees, the windows are warm to the touch inside. My favorite window is the picture window in the den. It is beautiful and has kept my house bright, almost like being outside, eventhough I am stuck in my house during the storms. If you are considering new windows, you will be very thrilled with these windows!

Sincerely Yours,
Laura RIchardson"

"Terry and I want to thank you for our new energy efficient windows! We purchased them in July, 2009, hoping they would make a difference in the winter months. Sure enough, we had quite a winter here in Collin County and thank goodness for tight windows, we didn’t have the problem of leaky windows that let cold air in our bedroom beside our bed. We stayed warm and our electricity bill was not as high as in years past when cold winters set in.

It was a pleasant experience from the time we purchased the windows to when they were actually installed. You were kind enough to help with finding financing for us, the installer who came to measure for the windows was prompt and professional, and the windows were installed quickly and without a problem. The trash was carried off and before we knew it, our home was back to normal.

Thank you again for a great job! We discussed last summer about replacing a very small window above the shower in our hall bathroom and three glass panels over the tub in the master bath. I would be very interested in discussing the possibility of doing that this summer. Please call at your convenience. We wish you continued success and hope to do business with you again soon. Take care."

Terry and Sandi Shelton

"We ordered 18 windows from Acri Windows to be instated on our mid 1970s vintage house on May 2, 2007, The installation of 14 of those windows was completed in one day. That evening a hard driving rain hit the house and there were no leaks around the newly installed windows. The new windows made the storm's thunder and wind noise almost disappear. The electricity was lost during the storm so we had to burn some candles for light. There was no drafts or air movement inside the house to move the caudle flames.

The installation was done with great workmanship and quality. The remaining windows were installed the day after next and the crew cleaned up after the installation.  I was completely satisfied with the installation and the quality of the windows. I can't wait to see how the windows affect the kilowatts we use this coming surnmer.

Bill Bledsoe
Arlington, Texas

"The crew for Acri Windows was very professional in the presentation of the windows, the difference in windows and how they work. They were also professional, courteous, timely, and detail oriented in their work.
I would recommend them to anyone looking for new windows and installation. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number provided.

Thank you for our beautiful Millennium Windows!!

Alicean S. Covington"

"My husband and I would like to thank you for the completion of our window replacement. The crew has been here the past 2 days. They have been respectful, kind and hard-working. My husband and I have looked at all the windows and they look great. Randy and Jimmie did a great job on the patio slider - that seemed a bit tricky but we are very pleased with their results. We already have 2 neighbors interested in seeing our windows when we have reorganized.

Thanks, Mr. Acri.

Larry and Terri Nuss
Richardson, TX